Saturday, April 24, 2010

Throbbin Hood

Throbbin HoodStudio: Caballero
Release Date: Nov 14, 2006
Category: Feature, Classic
Starring: Brittany Morgan, Josey Duval, Trixie, Jace Rocker, Scott Baker, Jessica Wilde, Damien Cashmere, Bob Martin, Buck O Rogers, Rick Savage, David Christopher

The modern-day sexploits of the "Straigth-as-an-arrow" hero, and how he made Marion!

That legendary bandit of adventure is now back in a modern-day setting, San Francisco, and his "fairy" tales are as straight as his arrow - and dirtier and bawdier than the most filthy fables. In this city so gay by the bay, he has a job fencing off all the hard-up horny women looking for his kind of lance: A throbbin', quivering piece of all male-magnetism. So, inbetween fighting and robbing from the villainous rich, he plunders and pleases the panting pretty poor.

Aiding Throbbin' Hood in his quest for the beautiful are his lusty merry men, Friar Suck and Little Dong, and after they made Marion, they hook up with hooker Trixie and the rich bitch Alexis. For throbbin' pulsating derring-do that will hit your horny funny bone get a load of this racy, raunchy romp.

This is the only Bob Martin video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: Buck O Rogers.

Throbbin Hood Throbbin Hood Throbbin Hood Throbbin Hood Throbbin Hood

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